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Isis Academy


Our website is in the process of being rebuilt, and we will soon be changing our name. These free resources remain available until we launch the new site and brand, but note that many are outdated. To receive information from us in the future, please sign up for our newsletter here.

[Note dated Sept 2014]


Life Beyond Growth: Alternatives and Complements to GDP-Measured Growth as a Framing Concept for Social Progress (you will be directed to another download site) Download

Information about our courses

Master Class 1: Designing, implementing and steering sustainable change projects with success Download
Master Class 2: Transformational coaching in sustainable change processes Download
Master Class 3: Sustainability Change Agentry: how to accelerate transformation Download
Master Class 4: Driving Sustainable Business Download
Master Class 5: Change for Sustainability – Germany 2013

Information about ISIS ACADEMY

Who we are Download

Books and publications

“Believing Cassandra: How to be an optimist in a pessimist’s world“
by Alan AtKisson (Free download of first chapter)
“The sustainability transformation“
by Alan AtKisson (Free download of first chapter)


“Pushing Reset on Sustainable Development,”
by Alan AtKisson (Dec 2009)
“What would it really take to speed up the transition to a carbon neutral society?”
by Alan AtKisson, in Comment/Visions, Eurovoice (Dec 2010)



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